chuck (freemumia) wrote in 914_hip_hop,

So If your album wanna feature us / cough up that dough like you was chokin on pizza crust

So I initially wrote of Aesop Rock as pretentious nerd rap, but I gave it a more in depth listen and it's amazing. I gotta go pick up Labor Days.

I picked up Sabacolypse, from sabac, and Dangerous Connection from 7l and es. Sabacolyps is aright, but he's got nothing on Immo Tech. DC is tight man, 7L is a great producer.
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I'm glad you gave Aesop a more in depth listen, Aesop is amazing, I advise you to pick up anything by Living Legends, esp. Grouch & Eligh. By the way my names Scott. And yesterday I picked up Pep Love's Ascension, you listen to Hieroglyphics?
yea, i really loved 3rd Eye Vision, and full circle was aight. I have yet to check out any of the memebers solo stuff, though.